The dining room at Blackfish

The dining room at Blackfish

(Sadly, this isn’t about orcas)

I rarely venture into Conshohocken (see: the nightmarish Schuylkill Expressway). I’ve only been there twice in my life and I view it as the place you move to from Manayunk or Center City when you’re ready to grow up. It’s the land of dental insurance, condo fees and gym memberships but has a young enough demographic that there are still “sexy singles in your area.” After time and time again of reading interviews with various Phillies and Flyers players touting Conshy’s Blackfish as their favorite restaurant and its reappearance on Philly Mag’s “Best of Philly” lists, I knew I wanted it to be the next BYOB I tried.

The highlight opening course for me was the charred Spanish octopus with pepperonata, harissa, preserved lemon and black trumpet mushrooms. There was also a shortrib ravioli small plate on the menu that my three friends and I split as a first course (it took everything in my power not to order two of them as a main but I’m trying this new thing where maybe I dont order the shortrib for once). And so I settled on the eponymous Blackfish Bouillabaisse with saffron, Pernod (awesome addition to any bar cart or in my case, bar “section” of my countertop), basil, rouille and crusty bread.  Also ordered were the smoked sirloin, rohan duck with globe artichoke, endive, brussels sprouts and red quinoa, and a light grouper in a lemon parsley sauce.  All were beautifully plated and warm, comforting complements to an impending snowstorm.

If I’m being honest, another highlight of the entire night was Blackfish’s pretzel rolls. Normal people probably eat just one and call it day but because they were unbelievable, my friends and I kept loudly talking about how insane they were in the hope someone would take pity on us and hand over all of them.  Our extremely nice and accommodating server allowed us to take advantage of the bread tray (he probably thought we had some kind of sad carbohydrate deficiency). I had five.

I ordered dessert yet again because you can’t not order beignets and we also split the coffee-flavored creme brûlée which I would recommend for even non-coffee lovers because of its subtlety.

It’s evident that eight years after opening, chef Chip Roman continues to turn out some of the best dishes in Philadelphia without actually being within the city limits.

And the biggest compliment I could give:  it’s worth getting on I-76

 Location: 119 Fayette St.; Conshohocken, PA


Take Note: BYOB

TLDR: If you order anything with “short rib” in the name, please call me after eating and describe in explicit detail.

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