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Halfway through the second season of House of Cards this weekend, I decided to come up for air and maybe eat dinner. With not much in my refrigerator and too lazy to battle icy sidewalks (and leave Frank Underwood) for takeout, I decided to make this recipe. Requiring only a few ingredients and twenty minutes, this pizza manages to be simple, rustic and luxurious all at once.

Warning: I am not the biggest fan of Taleggio. Once melted, it takes on an absolutely delicious mild and creamy taste (think the Italian version of Brie) but raw and right out of the package, it takes on the scent of wet laundry to my unsophisticated nose. In a total masochistic move, I made the mistake of lowering my face to the packaging as I unwrapped it and immediately had to run out of my apartment to replace half of the Taleggio with a milder Fontina (…plus who doesn’t love just a ton of cheese on their pizza).

But the piéce de résistance of this recipe is the white truffle oil. Truffle oil is kind of having a “moment” right now and is great on everything from popcorn to french fries. If it didn’t mean I would be consuming 30,000 calories, I would just pour the bottle down my throat.

When cooking with mushrooms, I always find oregano and rosemary to be great complements so I made the following (optional) adjustments:

* Use herbed pizza dough. I buy pre-made Garlic & Herb pizza dough at Trader Joes but you could easily add a tablespoon of dried basil and a tablespoon of dried oregano to any plain dough.
* Replace half of the Taleggio with Fontina
* Add three sprigs of fresh rosemary after layering on the cheese before baking
* Sprinkle with hot red pepper and dried oregano in addition the salt and pepper

Enjoy while watching House of Cards and realize you would probably not fit into any of Claire Underwood’s unbelievable clothes because you just ate half of a (albeit, amazing) pizza.

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A taste-testing friend who ensured I didn’t eat the ENTIRE pizza

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Truffle oil (marry me) and baby portobello mushrooms

Fontina and fresh rosemary

Fontina and fresh rosemary

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