Avocado Salsa

If I didn’t write a food blog, I would probably have to write a pop culture blog based on the (depressing? obsessive?) amount of time I spend on Wikipedia and Netflix.  As an ardent fan of almost every HBO series (I secretly watched the Sopranos at an inappropriately young age), Sunday night was spent at my friend’s apartment for the season premieres of Game of Thrones (during which I kept my eyes closed because the amount of blood makes me want to throw up) and Veep (Selina Meyer is pretty much a role model for me which is sad, considering she is a TV character with the mouth of a truck driver and maybe I should pick some real-life, positive mentors).

If there’s one thing that goes perfectly with a three-hour TV binge, it’s lounging around drinking wine and eating junk food. In an effort to avoid just pouring a jar of Tostinos’ salsa con queso down my throat (which has happened before), I decided to make fresh salsa.   I have to give my aunt credit for this recipe (my enchantment with really good food is hereditary). It’s also a recipe that ex-boyfriends have broken all sorts of communicative boundaries to ask for because it becomes impossible to watch the Super Bowl, March Madness or the World Series without it.

~ Ingredients~

¾ bag frozen corn

Olive oil

2 avocados

4 plum tomatoes

3 green onions

½ cup chopped fresh cilantro

2 teaspoons minced of chipotle chile in adobo sauce (I used 2 tablespoons because once again, I get masochistic enjoyment out of tear-inducing levels of spiciness)

1 teaspoon of red wine vinegar

Sea salt

Chips (I used multigrain chips to convince myself I was being really healthy even though I ate about 45 of them)


Mix frozen corn on cooking sheet with olive oil and broil until kernels are slightly brown (about 10 mins)

Peel avocados and dice.

Add avocados to corn, tomatoes, green onions and cilantro in a bowl and toss.

Whisk together chipotle and vinegar and then pour over corn mixture. Toss gently and season to taste with additional sea salt and chipotle.

Serve immediately or refrigerate for several hours. Bring to room temperature before serving.


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