Everything tastes better in a mason jar.

Everything tastes better in a mason jar.

I know…two cocktail recipes in a row but it’s been a really rough week, guys

White sangria is one of the few instances where I will bend my “no-fruit-in-cocktails” rule and also my “don’t-order-drinks-that-scream-‘Girls-Night-Out!!’” rule*. My tolerance for sangria really comes down to the fact that it pairs nicely with my never-ending love affair for any and all Mexican/Spanish/hot sauce-covered food groups. I can’t drink red sangria anymore due to an unfortunate incident in college involving a bout of food poisoning from Catalan-style calamari (I’m dry heaving just typing this) at a tapas bar notorious for serving underage students (ok, maybe it wasn’t just the calamari).

I typically use a sweeter wine such as Sauvignon Blanc for white sangria to avoid adding pure sugar later on in the process**. My current favorite is a 2011 Cliff Lede from Napa, recently voted one of the best bottles of sauvignon blanc by Bon Appetit for the third or fourth year in a row.  (Side note: “Lede” is pronounced “lady”  if you don’t want to sound like an idiot asking for it in a local wine store and then having it take the salesperson approximately 25 minutes to understand what the hell you were talking about and now you can never ever go there again at least not for a month or two…). If you wanted something even sweeter and lighter, Riesling also makes a great base for sangria and Rosé is perfect for later in the summer.  Some people enjoy using Chardonnay but I really only do this if I have an insatiable craving for cardboard.

You can literally add any and all fruit to sangria but I typically pair lighter fruits with lighter wine so no individual ingredient overpowers another (the one exception: blackberries are awesome regardless of a white or red wine base).

1 bottle wine Sauvignon Blanc (or other white wine of choice)

1/4 cup of blackberry brandy (if you wanted to go for more citrusy undertones, replace with Cointreau)

1/4 cup sparkling water (I used the lime-flavored Perrier)



1 lime

1 peach

1 nectarine

Mint or Basil for garnish

 Combine all ingredients except sparkling water in pitcher with ice. Cover and chill completely 1-2 hours. When serving, top with sparkling water.

 *My idea of hell is a bar where they only serve cosmopolitans and force you to watch Sex & the City over and over again against your will

** Complaining about eating “pure sugar” while currently polishing off a family-sized bag of Twizzlers

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