The view from my Boston apartment is a little different than my Philly view

The view from my Boston apartment is a little different than my Philly view

After a long hiatus punctuated by complaints from my “fan club” (read: my mother and aunt), the Philadelphienne has officially moved to Boston. In addition to being completely obsessed with New England and returning to a city I love, this past month’s issue of Bon Appetit included an entire feature on dining in Boston so it was kind of fate, guys. And while I’m looking forward to eating a lot more lobster and living in a constant polar vortex, the chili-glazed octopus at Vernick, my daily Americano from La Colombe, happy hours at Tria and each and every burger I’ve ever eaten (like, ever) at Village Whiskey will always hold a special place in my heart* (kind in the same way normal people think about first crushes and their childhood homes).

While I’m spending the next few weeks having a complete meltdown that my new apartment has an electric stove (noooooooo) and googling the location of every Chipotle in the greater Boston area, I’ll also be transitioning this page into the Bostonienne (naturally) which can (eventually) be found via theBostonienneBlog.com.

And don’t worry about missing out on cocktail recipes…all of my alcohol is making the move with me.

*The humidity, dilapidated sidewalks, the general clientele sitting outside at Rouge, and Philadelphia Parking Authority agents? Not so much.

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