(or…the best sushi I’ve ever eaten)

Sashimi at Oishii (this probably marks a handful of times I've actually appreciated presentation without just tearing into it)

Sashimi at Oishii (this probably marks a handful of times I’ve actually appreciated presentation without just tearing into it)

Located in Boston’s South End, Oishii seems to consistently turn up on Best of Boston lists and every Yelp review for “best sushi in Boston.” So this past Friday, which started with early evening cocktails at the restaurant’s bar (recommended: the lychee martini with vanilla, vodka, lemon and pineapple juices and “Ting’s Sushi Companion,” a summery blend of muddled mint and cucumber, lime juice, agave nectar and cucumber-infused sake) ended in soy-sauce covered mayhem in Oishii’s main dining room.

Upon ordering steamed edamame (I know, boring…but this is coming from someone who cites one of their favorite snacks as plain Saltines), our server instead steered me instead toward “broiled edamame,” which was essentially steamed edamame that had been chargrilled and was so good despite its buttery simplicity that now I can’t go back to eating normal edamame ever again.

Another highlight off the menu’s extensive list of appetizers was beautifully plated in-shell escargot accompanied by a lemon foam and a pre-sashimi order of a speciality maki roll with spicy mayo, asparagus, cucumber, bonito flakes and torched toro topped with ginger and jalapeno.

You know Oishii is really serious about sashimi and sushi when you place your order via pencil and paper. I also had the added bonus of dining with someone who is pretty much an expert when it comes to ordering raw fish and so our order was not limited to chu-toro, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp, eel, snow crab, octopus, and sea urchin:  all the thickest cuts of sashimi I’ve ever seen which quite literally melted in your mouth.

I do not place a lot of importance on presentation. In my opinion, some of the greatest foods in the world look absolutely terrible on a plate (read: spaghetti Bolognese). But Oishii may have changed my opinion on creative plating because each and every item looked So. Damn. Pretty. And it wasn’t limited to the mass quantities of raw fish we ordered. Everyone around us, when not being completely grossed out by our excessive eating and my habit of flinging soy sauce all over the table and myself, were either ordering appetizers which had been lit on fire or desserts encased in giant balloons of blown sugar.

And while Oishii had already solidified itself as the best sushi I’ve ever eaten, it was also helped by the fact that Tom Brady and Gisele were only feet away (and now I’m just completely unsatisfied with being a normal human).

Location: 1166 Washington St. Boston, MA


Take Note: Reservations available via

TL, DR: Unbelievably large portions of excellent and creative Japanese cuisine. You may even be witness to probably two of the most beautiful people on earth, so just get ready to spend a lot of time on plastic surgery websites the next day.


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