Pre-grill (which almost didn't stop me from eating them raw)

Pre-grill (which almost didn’t stop me from eating them raw)


In an attempt to take advantage of the warmest week in a fleeting Boston summer, my boyfriend and I have pretty much grilled out every night this week (he has used it as an opportunity to show off insanely impressive grilling skills; I have used it as an opportunity to polish off several bottles of sauvignon blanc under the excuse that anything is appropriate when done al fresco). In an effort to deal with PTSD from this horrific winter,* we conquered the burgers/grilled corn menu on Sunday (#classic), NY strip and grilled asparagus on Monday (#foodcoma) and decided to round out the week on a lighter note with way more vegetables (and way less butter) by making kabobs.

As this recipe is a twist on Giada DeLaurentis’** Chicken Sausage Skewers, I switched out chicken for sweet Italian sausage because why eat ten grams of fat when you can eat 20?*** It would also be amazing with lamb if you are into Mediterranean flavors and also a monster who eats baby sheep.

The true highlight of this recipe is the marinade, which can only be described as an Italian version of chimichurri. With tons of fresh herbs and a savory kick from the surprising addition of soy sauce, it was easy to pair with two of my favorite items to grill – fresh fennel bulb and lemon slices.

In keeping with the Mediterranean theme, I paired the kabobs with one of my absolute favorite (and possibly easiest) appetizers, Ina Garten’s tomato crostini with whipped feta. Just place the sliced bread directly on the grill (mainly for those aesthetically-pleasing grill marks) and brush with olive oil.

*A channel 7 newswoman counted down the number of weekends left in summer the other morning and I burst into tears. Picture of mental health right here.

**I have a love/hate relationship with Giada. Basically, I love her lip gloss, the obvious effectiveness of whatever workout routine she does, and her intense flirtations with Bobby Flay.  On the other hand, I hate how she has to add an affected Milanese accent to the most benign of Italian words. Like, just say spaghetti like a normal person. No need to be dramatic about it.

***I estimate that I’m like two good years away from investing in my first pair of Spanx so I’m just going to milk this last leg of my metabolism


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